Jungle Gym XT

In our opinion this is the best and most sophisticated exercise of suspension systems. Exercise with your own body weight involving all muscle groups. The big advantage is that movement and your body load are absolutely controlled by you. Also the exercise in dynamic mode is very effective for calories burnning and figure shaping of the sensitive areas such as abdomen, hips and buttocks.

On Jungle Gym XT can you not only exercise as a group, but as well as an individual during the individual training. This excersice is used by athletes as a part of their fitness and strength training. Every class takes place under the supervision of experienced instructors. We will beg lad to see you in Fitlife.

At least 5 persons, required reservation via the internet.

Jungle Gym XT 60 minutes 1 entry
Cash payment 5 €
10-points Fitlife Club Card 1 point (4 €)

News & Updates (in Slovak)

5.9.2022 | Power Joga je späť. Každý pondelok a stredu o 19:05

5.9.2022 | Máme v ponuke aj Oxygenoterapiu - dýchanie 95% kyslíka. Volajte 0911 556 187

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Reservations: Jungle Gym XT
and Power Yoga.

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