Spinning vo Fitlife Nitra

The SPINNING® program combines training acording to the heart rate with five driving style and so offers to the participants an inimitable way to exercise.

Why to go on SPINNING®?

SPINNING® is ideal way to lose weight. You burn from 400 to 500 kCal on one 45 minutes long lesson, what is 12 times more than during the aerobic and that without bearing your joints. Regular SPINNING® training will help you to effectively shape and strengthen your body. body. You will get tight ass and slim legs.

SPINNING® program offers specialized training for all types of sports. With the help of Heart Rate Monitor is it possible to simulate any specific training load - endurance, speed, explosiveness or interval training.

Spinning 60 minutes 1 entry
Cash payment 5 €
10-points Fitlife Club Card 1 point (4 €)

News & Updates (in Slovak)

1.2.2021 | Ponúkame na predaj a prenájom bicykle na Spinning.

1.2.2021 | Prenájom Jungle Gymu XT k Vám domov.

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Reservations: SPINNING®

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