Oxygen therapy - oxygen treatment

Oxygen treatment - oxygen therapy is medical and regeneration method based on adequate doses of inhaled oxygen. Oxygen is inhaled via a cannula (nasal glasses).

Oxygenoterapia - liečenie kyslíkom vo Fitlife Nitra

For pregnant women

Oxygen therapy improves the blood circulation and thus also the nutrition of the fetus, increase his/ her IQ, improves the immunity and prevent the anemia in the mother and child.

Length of therapy

Oxygen therapy usually takes from 20 to 60 minutes, frequency of the therapy 5 times to 10 times:
• 20 minutes - increasing the concentration of brain activity,
• 30 minutes - oxidizes joints,
• 60 minutes - detoxifies and eliminates toxins from the body.

Treatment method

You can decide for intensive cure, which takes place over several days or reach for this beautification and recovery device whenever you are feeling at the end of your forces.

Each attended cure will immediately reflect on your body in the form of renewed vitality, it fights fatigue effectively. Fatigue, physical as well as mental. This therapy is not hazardous and is universally applicable.

Oxygenoterapia - liečenie kyslíkom vo Fitlife Nitra
You can order oxygen therapy by calling +421 911 556 187.

News & Updates (in Slovak)

28.10.2023 | Jógový špeciál v sobotu 28.10.2023. Začíname o 9:00 hod. - 60 minút Power Jógy a potom pokračujeme 60 minútami Meditácie. Cena za 120 minút je 10 €.

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Oxygen therapy helps to:

  • increase the tolerance of physical and mental stress
  • improve physical fitness and mental performance
  • it has a positive effect on sleep disorders, headaches, loss of appetite, fatigue or high blood pressure
  • it positively affects the treatment of chronic diseases (especially of the respiratory and cardiovascular system)
  • it helps against cancer

Oxygen therapy as an adjunctive therapy:

  • for weight reduction
  • for children with impaired concentration and learning difficutlies
  • for students to easier receiving of new information

Oxygen therapy is a complex treatment. It does not operate only at the diseased organ, but at the whole body.